Monday, 23 May 2011

Funny friends

Hi everybody,

today I want to show you some funny places our animal friends have chosen to sleep.
Pandora likes Valentino's dresser!

Little Rex and Preta love a shady place under my car.

Hughino in papa's car. Always ready for a trip!

And here my last block for the Civil War block of the week. It is the same block I selected for my layout . Fun.

Block 21 - Underground Railroad

My Civil War Blocks layout so far. Patch likes to have a look too. Like her name says she likes Patchwork... :)

This week-end I discovered that there is a  Dear Jane group Europe. I asked to be a member and they accepted me. Very interesting group, in 2013 they organize a Dear Jane exibition in Belgium and I would like to partecipate! How exciting!!
Hugs. Jolanda


  1. Your blocks are beautiful! Congrats on being accepted into the Dear Jane group Europe - but then why wouldn't they :)

  2. What sweet little fur babies you have!

    Block 21 looks great and I really love the layout you designed for your quilt!
    The contrast between the weekly blocks and your alternate blocks is wonderful!

  3. What cuties!

    That is awesome. I hope you can go to Belgium- it would be so worth it.