11th March 2014

First day of our kitchen garden preparation. We constructed a fence with recycled pallets. We need to protect our garden, since the Ocean is right there!

The land with first pallet

Our home with lighthouse on the back

Our new barn

Pallets in place

Almost done


Just a little gate missing
Tomorrow I'll start preparing the beds and planting cabbages, salands and more...

12th March 2014
Started with planting. Cabbages, rocket, radish and chards.

18th March 2014
Today it was very windy and we could only plant our strawberries. Tomorrow I would like to plant carrots, parsil, spinach and peas.

24th March 2014
Planted salads and spinach and covered all the paths with strow.

29th March 2014
Today with Valentino's help i planted garlic, sunflowers and more different flowers. Prepared the tomato bed. Rocket, peas, haricots and redishes are alrealy coming out. Strawberries already have some flowers. It is amazing!!
Garlic and sunflowers


Haricots and radishes
10th April 2014
One month passed since I started my kitchen garden. Everything is groing, although the weather wasn't very good. In a few time we will be able to harvest our first cabbages, radishes and rocket :)

Broad bean trying hard to come out!

Here we are!!
14th April 2014
First harvest in the kitchen garden!!! Cabbages for dinner. I love it!

21st April 2014
Cleaning beds and harvesting radishes and rocket.

28th April 2014Weekly progress in the kitchen garden. Everything is growing well (weeds too).

Broad beans


Carrots and parsley

My window to the ocean

Canes can become artistic
06th May 2014
while harvesting our first spinaches, watching at all the lovely vegetables growing. Yesterday we planted raspberries and ginger. Today I cleaned the greenhouse, now it is ready for planting. A few days ago a new goatskin was born.

09th May 2014
Look at the lovely little flowers in the kitchen garden!


French beans

Broad beans
23rd May 2014
In the kitchen garden everything is growing well, weeds too. So today I had a big cleaning. Probably in 10 days I can harvest my first french beans. Tomatos, eggplants and corgettes are in place.

First strawberry

Marigold almost flowering

Peas and salad

Mustard flowering
2nd June 2014
Everything is growing like crazy. I'm harvesting french beans, carrots and more salads.
And I have two new gardians in my kitchen garden, I couldn't resist!!

 Aren't they cute?
Some flowers are already really beautiful...

 And here some
 more pictures of the entire garden.

13th June 2014
Lots going on in the kitchen garden!! Harvesting peas and broad beans.

And see my baby carrots and beets:

Thyme planted
 Some new flowers.

And last but not least, Paolo's goat cheeses.

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