Sunday, 29 May 2011

This and That

Hi dear readers!

Yesterday I worked a lot to prepare the guest houses for next week. Now the season really begins!!

Today I did block 22 for the Civil War Block of the week. Nice little one again, I love to see them grow every week.

I loved this color scheme....

Nice gnocchi for lunch....

For now it's enough, I have friends dropping in and that's nice too.
Hugs. Pink

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New house

Hi friends,

have a look at my page NEW HOUSE, there are new pictures of the progresses.
I'm happy!!!
Hugs. Jolanda

Monday, 23 May 2011

Funny friends

Hi everybody,

today I want to show you some funny places our animal friends have chosen to sleep.
Pandora likes Valentino's dresser!

Little Rex and Preta love a shady place under my car.

Hughino in papa's car. Always ready for a trip!

And here my last block for the Civil War block of the week. It is the same block I selected for my layout . Fun.

Block 21 - Underground Railroad

My Civil War Blocks layout so far. Patch likes to have a look too. Like her name says she likes Patchwork... :)

This week-end I discovered that there is a  Dear Jane group Europe. I asked to be a member and they accepted me. Very interesting group, in 2013 they organize a Dear Jane exibition in Belgium and I would like to partecipate! How exciting!!
Hugs. Jolanda

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Hi friends!

After some busy days watching at all those beautiful entries at the Blogger Quilt Festival, I finished Block 20 of the Civil War BOW
I'm quite happy with this block, it was fun and it came out nicely.

I'm also catching up with the Block Swap Australia. Here is the April block I got from Bobbie:

and here the block I got from Maria:

and here the blocks I made for Doris:

Last but not least, I'm still working on my Dear Jane. Here a peek of my quilting on the first side border. I hope to finish both borders till June and finally assemble them to the top.

Have a nice day! Hugs. Pink

Friday, 13 May 2011


hi friends,

I am really happy to participate to the Spring Bloggers Quilt Festival, organized by Amy's Creative Side!

I sewed this quilt about three years ago. It is a One Block Wonder. For a long time I admired them and always thought that they were very difficult to do.

Finally I ordered the book and discovered that they are not difficult at all! At that time a friend of mine had lost her husband and she was quite depressive, so I asked her if she wanted to join me and work together. Each of us did one One Block Wonder Quilt and since then we meet once a week to work together. 

Back and original fabric

It was fun to work on this quilt. I loved to compose my own desing with the different hexagons. I handquilted it. It hangs on my bedroom and I like to look at it before I sleep.

Thank you for visiting my blog and happy quilting to all of you!
Hugs. Pink

Amy's Creative Side

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

QBSA - May block from Maria

Hi friends,

that was fast!! Maria's block just came in today. This is the May block for the Quilt Block Swap Australia.
I love it and the little extras Maria sent to me.

Thank you Maria! Your block is on his way to you.

Monday, 9 May 2011


Hi friends,

after a beautifull week-end with a lot of sun some evocative pictures.

End of week one.

We love it to sleep on fresh washed clothes

My orchids :)

Good food (lasagne)

Some sewing - Block 19 Civil War block of the week

It is difficult to get back to Monday and normal life! Hugs. Pink

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

QBSA - May block for Maria

Hi friends,

here is a sneak peek of my block for Maria. She is my partner for the month of May. She asked for eye spy fabrics. I never did one like that and even didn't know what it is. After looking around in blogland I found informations about. I really enjoyed sewing it, looking that every piece of fabric had an interesting bit to look at.

Now I have to sew the May block for Marie, but first I need some white fabric. Can you believe that I don't have white fabric?
Hugs. Pink

Monday, 2 May 2011

Flea market and new house

Hi friends,

finally yesterday we decided to go to the flea market and I found 11 cute little crib figures. I suppose they are spanish or portuguese and probably quite old. I loved their little round faces.

Today it is a very important day to us. We started with the building of our new house. Have a look at my page new house, where I post pictures of the building process.
Hugs. Pink

Sunday, 1 May 2011

This and that

Hi friends,

1st of May and here in Portugal it is Mother Day. This is the lovely present I got from my little Valentino.

He made this beautiful bracelet at school and I really love it!

Here are the last three blocks I made for the Civil War block of the week.

Block 16-17-18

And here another possible layout for the blocks. After some days of musing and looking at the design wall, I came out with this solution. I quite like it and think that with more blocks it will look nice. The layout will be 10 by 10 blocks. I really enjoy Saturdays waiting for the next block.

Every Saturday I sew 4 set in blocks to catch up, next week I'll be there and each further week I have just two blocks to sew.

Today we have flea market too, but I'm not shure we'll go, the weather is not very nice. If we go and find some treasure I'll post it.

For now have a nice Sunday and big hugs. Pink