Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pippa and other stories

Hi friends,

again it has been a long time since I wrote on my blog. Pippa...who is Pippa? She is a cute little dog that was abandoned near our house. Immediately we started taking care of her. Food, water and a place to sleep. Fortunatelly the construction of our new barn was just finished and Pippa found a warm place in there.
Thanks to a friend we already found a new family for her (we already have three dogs and can't cara another one (although we would love to).
She will be flying to Germany on March 24th.
Valentino with Pippa

Pippa, Rex and Lucy

A few month ago our mayor started a project of community vegetable gardens. They got a piece of land and it was divided into plots. A friend of mine got one and now she has a beautiful vegetable garden. We now change our products. I got rucola and radishes and she got fresh eggs. Today I'll meet her again and she will get some fresh goat cheese. I hope that next month we can start with our own vegetable garden.

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