Sunday, 26 August 2012

New project and some impressions

Hi friends,

Summer is almost gone and we have been very busy. Actually we still are, but I wantend to post some news, after a long time neglecting my blog. 
I didn't sew at all over the last few months and I'm starting to miss it. Although my sewing room is still a mess, I decided what my next project will be. Not a quilt but a skirt, done with a quilt block, the tumbler block. I will work with this tutorial and these are the fabrics I will be using.
Most of them are from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain collection and two are just pillow cases (you can't imagine what an amount of cheap fabric you get with a pillow case on sale!!).
I will do mine with 4 1/2" on top, 8 1/2" at the buttom and high. So I have less tumblers to cut out and the skirt doesn't look to busy. I will post my work in progress.

To end my post here are some fun pictures.
 Did Felix catch the baby rat?? No, he didn't. We generally don't want rats around the house, but that one remembered me about the one in the movie Ratatouille. So cute!!!
Here you can see the rainbow that embraced our property, it was like having our own personal, special rainbow.

Hope to come back soon with updating on my skirt project. Have a nice week.
Hugs. Pink

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