Sunday, 1 January 2012

House color

Hi friends,
I hope everyone started the new year with lots of energy and happiness. In my first post for this year I ask you a question, wich color do you like the most?
These are the colors we have selected for the outside of the new house and are sorting out the favorite. I look forward to read your comments.
Hugs. Pink


  1. Wow, they are bright. I like the middle one best. Then the one on the right and the one left least, but its still lovely. Have you decided on an accent colour, something in the grey/blues perhaps, how exciting to be at the choosing colour stage. When will you move in?

  2. Boy have I missed a lot - how wonderful that your house is ready for paint! Hooray!!!! All 3 colors are just luscious so which ever you choose will look gorgeous. My faves would be in the order you have them #1 is my most favorite, #2 is my 2nd favorite etc.

    Congratulations Jolanda - I'm so thrilled for you that your Dream Home is nearly finished! What a fantastic way to start the New Year!