Saturday, 19 February 2011


Hi friends,

I started my week-end very lucky. I got my February block from my Swap partner Crafty Pug! Lovely, lovely!
I got a fabric scrap too and Valentino got beautiful stamps for his collection. So here is her block.

and here is my block to Crafty Pug.

I really enjoyed doing this wonky star. I probably will try to do some more wonky blocks: houses, log cabin, stars... Do you know more I could do?
Kisses. Pink

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  1. Yolanda, I have an oldish book by Jan Mullin: "cut loose quilts, she has Wonky Ohio Star, Dutchman's courage, pinwheels and Wedding rings, Snail Trail and Churn Dash to name a few. She also published individual patterns, A girl in a local quilt shop made a quilt combining several of the Wonky patterns to build a picture quilt with houses, trees, stars etc, it was fantastic look forward to seeing this weeks Civil War Block regards Sheila (A.K.A quilting Gammy)